Avoid Ruining Shingles With Christmas Lights

Now that Halloween has passed, the only thing that people can start thinking about are the holidays up next, like Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah. I think most people who celebrate Christmas can attest to the fact that, the day Thanksgiving is over, we are all up on our roofs to start celebrating the next holiday on our list, Christmas. One of the most festive ways of celebrating Christmas is by decorating your entire roof with lights that everyone will be stopping by to see when the sun sets. Though lights on your roof are absolutely beautiful, they can be detrimental to your roof, causing roof replacement in areas where you have connected the bright lights to the shingles of your roof. This happens from incorrect usage of the Christmas light clips. Below, we will give you some tips on how you can mount your Christmas lights to your roof or better yet, your gutter, so that you don’t have to take money from your Christmas gift fund!

  • Buying a C Style all-in-one clip is one of the best ways to go when purchasing Christmas light holders for your home. These clips are universal to any gutter, so you can avoid placing them on your roof altogether!

  • Another great style is the S Style gutter hook. This hook can go over any gutter that has a lip of ¼” or less. With this strategy in place, your Christmas lights will be evenly placed and they won’t touch your shingles.

We hope that these festive tips from your local Trenton, NJ roofing company have helped you to avoid roof replacement at all costs! Visit us online to learn more about our services.