Outdoor Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

Have you purchased all of your Thanksgiving meal ingredients in preparation for the holiday? If you haven’t, you better get to it, because before you know it, Santa will be knocking at your door. Whether you love to put up Christmas decorations or not, we all seem to love driving around neighborhoods at night to take in all of the twinkling beauty that that holidays bring. Because the holidays are finally here, we wanted to give you some outdoor decorating mistakes you should be sure to avoid this holiday season.

  • Too many outdoor decorations can end up costing you more than a couple of laughs and a hefty electric bill. You could be putting too many lights on your roof, causing you to need a roof replacement that you weren’t expecting to budget in. However, if you love to show off your decorating skills, be sure that you keep it classy and use a theme or pattern to make all of your lights come together in one fashion.

  • How long do you leave your lights on? Listen to your local roofing company when they said that leaving them on all night long is something that you should never do. Not only will it upset your neighbors because light is shining in their homes all night long while they’re trying to sleep, but it can up your power bill tremendously.

Though these are only a couple tips on decorating mistakes to avoid this year, we are sure there are many more that you will stumble into. If you need assistance or questions from Magic Roofing in Trenton, NJ, be sure to contact us online now!