Icicles Are Evil!

New Jersey is about to be slammed with winter winds, chilly mornings and snow packed roads. We’re hoping to skip out on the ice storms this year, but you never know what winters will hold when you live on the east coast. Although some people love winter, winter doesn’t always love us back, especially our roofs. When it comes to winter and roofs, more roof replacements take place than you may think. Our Trenton, NJ roofing company, Magic Roofing & Siding Inc., receives calls weekly because of roof leaks caused by ice build up inside of gutters. Is this something that you want to avoid this year?

Many of us love the beauty of icicles hanging off of the side of roofs, but did you know that they can be detrimental to not only the shingles on your roof, but the inside of your home too? When you have icicles that form, it means that they are attaching themselves by freezing underneath shingles on your roof and in the gutters, which can create much-needed repairs, so that you don’t experience leaks and, even worse, interior problems from those leaks. If you are in the market for roof replacement before winter hits us hard in Trenton, then you need Magic Roofing & Siding Inc. Get a quote now on what it would cost for us to come and give you your needed services. To learn more about our company, the services we are able to provide with ease and our experience, explore our website further!