Get Out of the Danger Zone!

In our previous blog, we gave you some ideas on the amount of weight an average roof could hold per square foot. If you are here to read the final facts about snow pack and how to stay safe this winter, you are in the right place! Your local roofing company, Magic Roofing in Trenton, NJ is here to give you the tips you need to stay safe under your snow covered roof.

  1. How much snow have you gotten? If it seems as if the snow isn’t stopping any time soon, removing the snow from your roof is an option. It is a good idea to stock up on items that you could end up needing this wintertime, one of which is a roof rake. Roof rakes are much more affordable than the cost of a roof replacement. If your roof is beginning to look like it is in the danger zone, removing snow from your roof is a must.

  2. Before you decide that removing snow is what you need to do, you need to evaluate the risk you could be taking. You need to look at how steep your roof is and how much snow is on your roof before you make any decisions. If your roof seems to be overpowering and you can’t remove the snow by yourself, finding a snow removal company could be in your best interest.

We hope that the above tips have helped you come to a conclusion on how much snow you should allow on your roof at any given time. To learn more and get our opinion, we invite you to visit us online now!